Georgie Maltese Puppy Male for sale in Tallahassee, Florida

Georgie's story
MEET GEORGIE! He is one of 20 dogs rescued by UYR recently from a horrendous puppy mill in Southern Georgia. Georgie is a Maltese puppy who is only 8 months old and weighs 8.6 lbs. He is being fostered in Tallahassee, FL.
UPDATED BIO 03/19/2019: Handsome Puppy Georgie is learning about life outside of the horrible puppy mill where he spent all 8 months of his short life. Since the property was operating as a puppy mill, inhumanely breeding dogs to sell for profit, many of these dogs were highly sought-after small breeds, and there were a hundred or so yorkshire terriers, maltese and yorkie/maltese mixes, in addition to many other small breed dogs.
Georgie is slowly adapting to life outside of the horrrid conditions he had lived in while at the puppy mill. He is definitely loving running around with his brother Sammy in the fenced-in back yard. He is not as curious as Sammy about his surroundings, but that will come in time. He feels so much better after all the matting was shaved from his little body. He sleeps soundly in the doggie bed

finally. It took him several days to be comfortable with even stepping into the doggie bed, but he has now figured out that it is soft and comfy

and a safe place for him to be. PLEASE NOTE: Georgie is not house-trained and still doesnt understand the concept of doing his business outside, so it will take patience and repetition in order for him to figure out where it is

and is not

appropriate to potty.
Georgie is still fearful of being picked up, but he is getting a tad bit better each day. Once he is in his foster parents arms, he relaxes and settles in nicely and will lie there for hours. Treats are being offered when he comes when called and when he settles and lets foster mom pick him up. Little Georgie was never socialized to be a companion animal

his main purpose was to breed in the mill - so it will take patience and understanding and lots of love to let him know that he is going to be okay and that the humans he will meet for the rest of his life will only touch him with loving hands and kind hearts. Georgia is a survivor for sure and is running around the puppy play yard trying to engage the other dogs in play. This speaks of the amazing resilience and true grit he possesses.
Georgie follows his playmate Sammy around like a little ducking and takes cues from him and the resident senior yorkie. Being a puppy, all he wants to do both inside and outside is to play-play-play all the time. Georgie needs to go into a home with another dog close to his size and age. Children over the age of 12 years old would be okay. Click here to view a short video of Georgie and Sammy (also from the puppy mill bust) playing outdoors

they are having a ball!
The UYR members that pulled Georgie were shocked and saddened at the inhumane conditions in which these dogs were living. The property had more than 700 dogs being housed in a warehouse in too-small crates

with more than one dog per crate, and stacked one on top of the other. A majority of the dogs pulled were suffering from malnourishment, sores and abrasions, severe dental disease, matted hair, infections, severe eye injuries, congenital diseases and general severe neglect. The smell alone of the poor dogs was enough to cause a person to be nauseous and these dogs lived 24/7 365 days a year in this environment.
Please watch for updated postings on all 20 dogs from the puppy mill that came into UYR and who are being fostered in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. This was a huge endeavor that took a lot of supportive members who all volunteered their time and without our amazing fostering members, we would not have been able to save so many. UYR is very proud and humbled to have participated in bringing happiness and new lives and love to 20 little doggies. The vetting expenses on these little dogs will be huge, so if you have been moved by Georgies story and the stories of the other 19 dogs who are journeying toward wellness and love, please consider making a donation to help UYR continue to participate in rescues of this magnitude.

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